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S2 Smooth Sailing Support
Ask and thou shall receive help
Request/Change Log 
20th-Jul-2005 08:22 pm
*** Entry Closed - no longer accepting comments ***

The following table lists requests made to fix bugs, to add new functionality, or to improve visual aspects of the Smooth Sailing layout. I will work on implementing them as soon as I can, but note that changes to do not take effect immediately. I have to pass my modifications onto the LiveJournal staff and it could take some time before the changes become live. With thanks, Mike.

Request Date Category Description Notes Date Coded Date Live
10/7/05 New Feature Add the capability to use the Friends Colours on the Friends Page This functionality was added into the Wizard and is off by default. Friends Colours can be turned on and used in the subject bar on the entries. 12/7/05 1/9/05
10/7/05 New Feature Add poster username to Month pages when different from the journal. This is for communities and shared journals. This bug was also reported on LJ's Bugzilla. Done. I also modified the comment count to not use English text. Instead of saying [ 3 Comments ] for example, it will now say [ +3 ]. 12/7/05 1/9/05
10/7/05 Bug Fix The property $*layout_sidebox_tags_alignment is not being used in the stylesheet. This bug was also reported on LJ's Bugzilla. Fixed 12/7/05 1/9/05
15/7/05 Visual Add a single space after the colon in the profile labels A space can be added to the default values of the labels in the Customisation Wizard. N/A N/A
18/7/05 New Feature Add a customisation to allow the Entry Tags and Metadata to be either all on one line, or each on a seperate line. Added the option in the Layout tab of the Customisation Wizard under the title "Metadata Arrangement" 20/7/05 1/9/05
21/7/05 Bug Fix Usericon in comments does not properly link to the allpics.bml page. Fixed. 21/7/05 1/9/05
17/7/05 Bug Fix Maintainers of Communities can't view IP addresses of posters because of a redundant logic check to viewer_is_owner which denies it. This bug was also reported on LJ's Bugzilla. Fixed. The redundant logic check was removed. 25/7/05 1/9/05
30/7/05 Bug Fix Multisearch sidebox form doesn't work when viewing a journal using the URL http://username.livejournal.com/ Fixed. I adjusted the form's action url to "$*SITEROOT/multisearch.bml" instead of just using "/multisearch.bml". 31/7/05 1/9/05
1/8/05 New Feature Implement the new Tags Page with usage counts which can be viewed at www.livejournal.com/users/username/tag/. Done. 1/8/05 1/9/05
3/8/05 Bug Fix The Private Free text box doesn't show the text entered into the Wizard. This bug is reported on LJ's Bugzilla. Fixed. The missing "print" statement was added. 3/8/05 1/9/05
3/8/05 Bug Fix "Stylesheet" is misspelt in the Wizard and appears as "Sytlesheet" for the Replacement Stylesheet URL. Fixed. 3/8/05 1/9/05
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