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S2 Smooth Sailing Support
Ask and thou shall receive help
9th-Aug-2005 02:28 am
I was just wondering if someone could explain to me how the guestbook option works with this layout. I saw some options for it in the customization page, but i never really got it. Any info would be helpfull.
9th-Aug-2005 05:03 pm (UTC)
If you enable the Guestbook in the customisation by specifying an entry id #, the following happen to that entry:

- a link is placed in the header to the Guestbook.

- the Guestbook entry is not shown in archive pages, month pages, day pages, etc. You can only get to it from the page with it's comments by directly linking to it.

- the entry is formatted differently (date is hidden, read comments link is hidden, the leave a comment becomes "sign guestbook" or whatever you specify)

- the page for the guestbook is formatted differently: the "comments" subheader defaults to "signatures", and when you are on the reply page, the "repy to" becomes "signing guestbook" and "reply form" becomes "signing form".

Mostly it's just a bunch of little things to make the entry seem different somehow.

27th-May-2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
Will the guestbook entry also be gone from friends' pages? O:
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