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Warning: Do not switch away from Smooth Sailing!

The Smooth Sailing theme and the Flexible Squares theme have been discontinued by LiveJournal.

If you are currently using a layout based on Smooth Sailing you can continue to do so. But you can not choose it if you do not currently have it. If you switch away from Smooth Sailing to another theme, even just to try, you can not get Smooth Sailing back. If you are contemplating a new layout choose one that is also based on Smooth Sailing and only change your custom CSS.

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Did LiveJournal take away the ability of being able to have pictures resized in the codes? Every picture is now stretched out to full max size. How do I fix this? No one re-sizes their pictures anymore. It's driving me insane!
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Limiting the number of tags in sidebar

Can anyone tell me if it's possible in Smooth Sailing to limit the number of tags that appear in the sidebar? The CSS coding that I use is below....

...but there is a LOT of it, so if you don't want to sludge through it all, here is the part of the code that applies to the tag list in the sidebar (I think):

.sidebox #tags_sidebox {
text-align: center;

Thanks SO much in advance to anyone who can help! I've been trying to figure it out for a while and having no luck!

Header security icons and hyphens

I don't know if I came to a correct place to ask my question, but still. I'm extremely unhappy with the lock/eye icons in the title of Smooth Sailing posts. I'm not a paid user and have no rights to edit theme layers, but can apply custom css to it. All used to be okay for many years, but in May 2014 lock icons suddenly got out of control and started appearing above the entry title. I thought a bit and created a workaround by setting .entryHolder > img to float:left and making slight changes to lock image margins. It looked okay in the main page view (and I believe it was also the case for single entry view but am not sure). Then I found that single entry view still looks ugly and security icons appear above the entry header again because there is a hyphen right before the icon:

<div class="entryHolder" lj-screenable="social:widgets:parse">
    <img src="http://l-stat.livejournal.net/img/icon_protected.gif?v=7017" alt="[protected post]" title="[protected post]" height="15" width="14">
    <div class="entryHeader">...</div>
    <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" border="0">...</table>

This hyphen is not a member of any container except the topmost .entryHolder and I can't think of css that will either hide this hyphen or make it show inline. There's no hyphen before the security icons in the main page view, so it looks okay. I don't mind the hyphen itself, but won't it be at least common sense for the author to wrap it into a <span class="hyphen"> or something so that people like me could style it separately? Can I possibly request that hyphen be wrapped into some container?

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So I have went through the entries in the community I got one question answered for me but I have just one other question.
I got rid of the subtitle and title but how do you get rid of the recent entries line? I have tried

.Header - Recententries
I know I am not using the right marks for {} but I am just using it as an example.

Thanks an advance!

I figured it out!
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Subject in Entry View

Hello all, I have a problem with the Subject displaying in entry view.

I managed to get the subject to show by using the following:


The problem is, although it works, the header appears as a link to the entry. I would like to remove the link, if possible. I really hope you can help me because the OCD in me is giving me a headache, lol.


EDIT: So I decided that maybe the link can stay. I managed to add a link to the subject line in the "recent" view. Sadly, if a person adds bold, or italics to their subject, the subject appears to change in colour and is no longer a link. :(

Does anybody have a fix for this?

Here is a screenshot of what I mean. "The Grave Gourmet" is formatted properly while "Twelve Woman of Azeroth" isn't. Help?

If there is no fix for the above, then I'd like to remove the link from the Entry Subject bar, which was my first question. Either one or the other solution will make me happy. :)

EDIT 2: I somehow managed to fix the font changing but it still appears as a non-link.

Subject Line disappears in comments page

When I click the Subject Line in a given post (as you do when you want to read all the comments), I'm brought to the comments page for that post but the subject line itself disappears.  However, when I click on "comment" for that post, the subject line remains.

Is there a code to fix this so that the subject line remains?